Behind the scenes look at Seapop’s album art creation

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Three years later and we are ready for launch! I was told that there is a lot that goes into making an album, but I had no idea until I was in it, and now I am three years deep in it. This article is a thank you to all of the artists who came together to make this album possible. While I couldn’t possibly write about everything that went into this album, I hope this post will hopefully give you a sneak peak into one aspect of the process.

Finding the right artist for your album.

Finding a great artist to make your cover artwork can be a challenge. Fortunately, Daniel Choe and Madeline Garfolo fell into my lap and their artwork spoke to me. I spent time sharing the album with each of them and conceptualizing how we wanted the music to be represented. Daniel Choe described the Seapop album and his vision for the art direction as follows:

“This is the emergence stage. As mother of creation grasps tightly within her clutching net of safety, a bouquet, her precious flower to guard, to give, and to hold dear. It is given, flown to where needed and most wanted, and gifting growth of another begins. An essence of innocent and new rages so gently from experienced flesh and manifests into something with breath and sense, instantaneously emerging into existence and being. It is vigorous, dangerous, beautiful, silky.”

I felt that this perfectly captured the spirit of Seapop, and we moved forward with the vision, and what Daniel illustrated was absolutely breathtaking. We then needed to imagine the color. What sort of colors would create the world of Seapop? We decided that we wanted the colors to really pop and breathe vibrantly into the evocative landscape that Daniel had created. Peter Farr took the reins and colored the illustration digitally. After endless hours of work from both Daniel and Peter we eventually arrived at an album cover that was beyond spectacular. I can proudly say that it represents Seapop better than I could have ever hoped.

Our CD was set to be 6 panels of artwork and while the cover was amazing, we new that we needed to craft artwork that matched. Peter Farr created the back cover of the release, creating a multicolored tunnel, in which the track titles could sit on. Opening up the album, you see Seapora in comic book form. This represents how we are all multidimensional and can take on many different forms. As you open up the album fully, you are greeted with three beautiful panels. These panels were made in a 3D modeling program and create another dimension to expand into. While the front and back cover of the album were 2 dimensional art pieces, the inside panels are three dimensional art pieces, taking you into a deeper dimension. These 3D models were painstakingly developed by Peter Farr and have important meaning. The four panels of multicolored circles are presented in a traditional pop art fashion, and the slogan, “eat more cake” is meant to impart words of wisdom to my fans. Eat more cake means: enjoy life! Have fun, and don’t forget to enjoy the moment. The other panel, which shows a three dimensional object with Seapop in three dimensional text and the phrase “We Are All Multidimensional” is meant to celebrate the multidimensional spirit in each of us.

Madeline Garfolo’s nautilus sketch became the iconic CD image. For her the ancient nautilus shell encapsulated the balance and beauty of continual growth. This is the first album in the trilogy and marks the beginning of the journey. The nautilus shell is an energetic form and has survived relatively unchanged for millions of years, paralleling the Seapop album, which I hope will also be timelessly enjoyed. This album is also the most fast paced and upbeat of all of the albums, and is intended to keep you energized like the nautilus form.

Seapop CD- RGB for blog Final

Daniels’ illustrations were then crafted into a form that would work well on a t-shirt and Madeline’s became the sticker. We had to think of what would look good on a shirt? What would people love to wear? What makes a good sticker? We re-imagined the artwork of Seapop and came up with a t-shirt and sticker design that fans and friends couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

I am a true believer in having art transcend through many genres. Whether it is musical art, physical art, or performance art, Andy Warhol said it best. “Art for art sake.” Enjoy!

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